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What is extracellular matrix (ECM) and why is it important?


ECM is a dynamic 3-D network of macromolecules providing a structural scaffold on which every tissue is organized, from brain to bone, and has a major regulatory influence at various scales on cell biology and tissue architecture. ECM, cell-ECM interactions and ECM remodeling are crucial for development, tissue repair and regeneration and altered in every disease, some examples being cancer, osteoarthritis, fibrosis, atherosclerosis and inherited connective tissue disorders. As the basis for existence of multicellular life forms the study of ECM constitutes a major field of research in fundamental and disease-related biomedical science.

The ISMB mission

  • To promote and develop scientific exchanges focused on the study of the ECM between scientists from all spheres and to facilitate the professional development of young scientists.

  • To coordinate, sponsor and organize  workshops and scientific meetings related to ECM.


  • To disseminate information on new techniques, publications and conferences in the field.


  • To recognize excellence in matrix biology research in the form of awards to both junior (Rupert Timpl award) and senior (Distinguished Investigator award) scientists.

Membership and its Benefits - Join now!

Young scientists who are ISMB members can apply for international travel awards to attend major international conferences in matrix biology. ISMB members can be nominated for prizes supported by the ISMB. Membership also provides access to reduced registration rates at the American Society for Matrix Biology (ASMB) and Matrix Biology Europe (MBE) conferences, access to the regularly published and information-rich ISMB newsletter and purchase of volumes of the Springer series, Biology of the Extracellular Matrix, at reduced prices.


Annual membership fees are:

  • 70 euros for regular members

  • 20 euros for both junior members (graduate students and postdocs up to 5 years after graduating with a Ph.D.) and retired members. 


Membership includes the option of a personal subscription for the Matrix Biology journal (78 euros for on-line access only, 136 euros for print and on-line). Membership runs from January 1 to December 31. You can also use the online payment system to make a donation to ISMB. Just click on the link and select Donate.

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