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Creation of the ISMB

The ISMB was founded in 1992 by nine prominent scientists: Sherrill Adams, Benoit de Crombrugghe, Michael Grant, Kari Kivirikko, Klaus Kühn, Bjørn R. Olsen, Darwin Prockop, Rupert Timpl and Michel van der Rest, in response to the wish of many scientists to better organize the discipline of matrix biology at the international level.

A letter was sent in September 1992 to 162 colleagues to invite them to become founding members of a new Society, the International Society for Matrix Biology (ISMB).

The creation of the Society was supported by 158 founding members, and the ISMB was officially founded on October 29, 1992.

The Society consists of members from throughout the world and is governed by ISMB Council.

Raymond Dalgleish was the first editor of the newsletter which was initially distributed to members as a printed version but is now sent by e-mail and available on the web site.

The ISMB membership has grown to 230 members.

map ismb society 2021.png
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